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Wow! Going back to the 1100's is impressive. How did you find this out….I mean, where and how did you find the records, the paper trail? My family on my mother's side goes back to 1621 in Lazonby, Cumberland and there are even others dating back to 1590 but there isn't a paper connection between them although as far as I can tell there are no other family groups with the same or similar name so it is most likely the later people descended from the earlier people, there's just no church record to say otherwise. So, going back to the 1100's even before the use of surnames is somewhat exciting.I haven't done any family history for years now but I was lucky enough to be contacted by someone who had me in his family tree. I was given the entire thing, some 2,500 names. He was old-school too and used to write everything down on rolls of wallpaper, then pin them up and draw lines between the family members. He could even tell you how they were related  :o  I am used to clicking the mouse a few times and the family tree program tell me how I am related to someone; this guy though was amazing.Haggis is very tasty, the sheep's heart, liver and lungs with just the right amount of pepper is delicious and even better served with neeps and tatties.....perfect  ;)