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I'm very into cycling, riding to work (20 mile round trip) most days all year round and doing some longer rides now and then at weekends.  I've got an ever growing collection of bikes that are needing thinned down.  Apparently (according to she who must be obeyed), no man needs four pushbikes (and a motorbike).When I get around to it, I'm planning a ride along the Forth and Clyde canal to the Falkirk Wheel, a round trip of around 60 miles from where I live.  This route follows the line of the Antonine Wall quite closely in places and there are apparently some sections and remains of forts that can be visited.  The main thing stopping me right now is that the canal towpath is meant to be quite rough in places - possibly not ideal for the skinny 23mm road bike tyres on my favourite bikes.  I may have to use another piece of British History (though more recent than the podcast covers), my 70's Raleigh roadster, a heavy (or is that solid?) all-steel bike built in Nottingham with Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub gears, a Brooks saddle and fat, comfy tyres.Pete.