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I recommend Agricola.  Not a casual game and can be intimidating, but quite good.If you haven't played 7 Wonders, run (not walk) to your nearest store and pick it up.  My favorite game out there.

Yup, Agricola is great.  I've just bought the new two-player "Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small" too, which is very fun and has the same feel but is quick to play, MUCH less intimidating, and easier to teach.  You don't need a giant table, either. Heh.7 Wonders looks good but I wonder how successful it really is for two players?  It's a real struggle to find decent 2-player games.I'm trying to learn Le Havre by playing against the AI on my iPad...And I'll play Ticket to Ride any time I can talk someone into it!  I own the Europe version which is fun because the map is the Europe of the early 20th century and makes everyone say "huh?"