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It's worth a trip to the phallic museum in Reykjavik. Prepare thyself for an abundance of whale dongs. And…um…interesting metal molds of the “members” of an athletic team. Lots of jarred dongs from various animals, art, pop culture stuff. It's an interesting place. A bit quirky, but he's tried to make it pretty educational. And, come on, an entire museum dedicated to phallices? Phallics? Another tip - check the duty free shop in the airport. I found that their prices were much much much less than in town. I bought a super long wool scarf at the airport for half the cost of what I saw in  Reykjavik. We walked through the shop upon arrival and were able to compare prices to town. It's the larger duty free shop by the cafeteria - not the small one or the one with all the booze/food in the other end of the airport.