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I canot wait until The War of the Roses... I have a skew-if idea of it, mainly because I have read half a rainforest of fiction books consisting of the following plots:1. One of King Edward IV's lady "fancies" was deflowered by himself at a young age, sent off to a nunnery to do penance... but comes back as the illegitimate slave of her father... to be picked up by mysterious stranger and sent to see her once-lover again... will their love be re-kindled???2. An ex-conquest of King Henry VI's has a baby, the jealous Anjou Lancastrian wife tries to kill the concubine and the baby. Concubine dies. Baby lives. Baby grows up in forest into beautiful, psychic teenage chic. Teenage chic runs frivolous errand in town, falls in love with Edward the IV and he loves her...psychic revelations are blurred... can their love ever be????3. Please read in Paul Hogan Aussie Accent...Elizabeth Wydeville is a witch. So is her mum, Jacquetta..."Jacks" for short. Lizzy hooks up with Eddy in a forest after she casts a spell to her Witchy-Poo rello from ancient times who happens to be some kind of druidic water nymph...o. Anyway, Lizzy bags Eddy under a tree in secret. Eddy waits until Earl of Warwick has tried to hook him up with ugly daughter Isabelle. Issy is p*ssed. Eddy is chuffed. Lizzy is relieved that she bagged a winner. Jacks hangs out with her water nympho covern to cast spells, make potions and crap on about how loud the telly is these days and whatever else old women crap on about in senior citizens clubs.  Eddy tells the world he has married his bit of stuff. Eddy then buggers off to get a new piece of a*se while Lizzy pumps out the brats at home. Everyone starts accusing Lizzy of being a witch coz she only shoots out the XX chromosome. In the end, Lizzy fades, new piece of a*se gets a house in Chelsea... but will their love prevail???The real story would be wonderful.