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Honestly, aside from the events I know and love, I'm most excited about exploring the Welsh kingdoms and the development of Scotland into a unified country.  People tend to just let those two orbit England's development.  All of sudden, they are no longer British and/or Pictish.  Simon Schama is especially bad about this, given that he did a "History of Britain".  And given Jamie's ancestry, I have a feeling Gwynedd will be explored (yea!). ;)  Also interested to see how much of Ireland's history is brought in, given how integrated it becomes (at least on the surface) with the British state.Also, the intricacies of the Empire's development, especially in India, will be fascinating.  I've read about how it all developed but the early British interaction with India (17th to mid -18th century) is a big blind spot for me.  I know about the East India Company and the creation of factories there, but how was the local population co-opted? What were the deals that secured more land?  I recognize that, given the pace of the podcast, I'll probably be collecting AARP by this point, but I'm still looking forward to it.  PS: I'm in now way complaining about the pace.  It's the necessary depth to really get to know the figures of each era and it's nice to know that we'll be in this for several years.  :)

Drew,Do a search for BBC's History of Scotland.  Neil Oliver is the host; the program does a nice job of presenting Scottish history, including stuff I was unaware of, for example, I had never heard of Brunanburh until I watched this series.