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G'day Willie,I live in Adelaide, which is the capital city of South Australia, which while it has about 1 million people it has the feel of a big country town, in fact it is in the driest state in the driest continent with only ocean to the S, 3000kms W or N to any serious cities and about 1000ks E to find the same, so we are pretty well on our own down here.In Oz the NE States play rugby but the SW states play Aussie Rules, so we don't really follow very closely the strange world of rugby here.As for Kiwis, we see them a bit like you may see Canadians, we can't see their accent being too much like ours,  but perhaps to other people it is.  They have a unique way of speaking, seeming to leave out the vowels!Living here has changed a bit over the years and on the surface may look more more like the US, but the people are really more like a laid - back version of the English, if you want to get a feeling of how Aussies would like to imagine themselves you could check out some Henry Lawson short stories.I gather it must be thanksgiving over there, while we here bucket loads about the US here, I can't say Michigan gets much coverage - what is it like there, is it mainly a farming state like it is here on SA?  It must be great living in a rural spot, we spend all our holidays on the bush,Cheers Dan