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Hi Willy,I had a cobber who is an ex-pat living in the States (Sth Carolina) come back for a visit over Xmas, but as the school holidays are short over there, so he had to have a pretty short visit.  Most people here have their long holidays over Xmas as it is summer here of course, while I have gone back to work. :(  I like to go on holidays during winter & head Up North to Queensland - that way I get 2 "Summers" and Outback Qld is a great place. :)So its just usually chilling out in Aussie, generally nothing too exciting happens, but around this time of year the Poms are in-country for the Ashes Cricket Test Series, which alway a great event, especially Melbourne Boxing Day & Sydney New Year's Test Matches.  The next big thing will be Australia Day in late Jan - which is major BBQ event around the country!