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Well my school history classes back in the day worked the timeline thus;We were Savages, We were Romans (it was great), It was Dark (it wasn't so great), Hastings (Duck Harold).Then I chose GCSE History on the basis that we had reenacted Hastings on the school fields, and making swords even if they are cardboard and tape was cool so I thought I'll have some more of that. However we ended up doing WW1 for what seemed like about 2 weeks, then the Russian Revolution for about 2 years. So I lost interest.I came across the podcast because I realised that I knew nothing about our history (other than how to make cardboard swords) and that needed addressing (especially as my daughter is now doing History - and having at least an idea would be a bonus).As a fan of fantasy, Gemmel, Gaiman, Pratchett and the like, I'm really liking the Saxon stuff but as I've alluded to I don't know much about the full story so its all an adventure for me.In terms of the George thing, I'm not really a royalist so can't say I've friend requested him on Facebook, obviously it's great news but then isn't a new child in any household. :D