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Haylee, those photos are fantastic!  Thank you so much for sharing them!  :)

Thanks Jamie! I will be adding a few more but I cant claim credit for all of them, my partner takes most of the photos on our trips!!

Looks like you have seen more than me! I'm glad you mentioned museums and galleries, the Natural History Museum and the National Gallery are, in a word, impressive and I love visiting these when I am in London.

It helps having a time limit, kinda makes you get out there and see it all while you still can! The museums & galleries are impressive as you say, but sometimes I get caught up in the magnificence of the buildings themselves! I recently went to the Victoria & Albert museum which has an impressive collection but was more moved by the damage outside, remnants of the Blitz which is left to remind people of what the building has survived!I honestly dont know how we are going to fit everything in in the last 12 months but i am going to do my best! Luckily everything feels quite close compared to the distances we are used to driving back home! Thanks for those suggestions though, I feel like I have too many choices and never know where to start, specially know we have done the major touristy spots!