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it occurred to me yesterday that Halloween really is the most pointless holiday. It's loosely cobbled together activities from a mess of old religions, named after a Christian festival that happens the next day. It really seems to be like neo-paganism in terms of building a desired modern end result on a whole collection of unrelated ancient practices.It does seem to have been a 20th century US excuse for a party (which I'm all for!). In my lifetime I've never seen the UK bother much with it (except as an excuse to go to the pub), am I being unfair? Has it evolved gradually ever since it's pagan origins, or did it just pop back into 18th/19th/20th century psyche?Not that there is anything wrong with another excuse for some fun, it just seems the one weakestly connected to anything. Still, when in north London - pop out for a spot of Trick or Knife Crime'ing...