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MY 17-yr-old didn't dress up this year, but here are a few homemade costumes from years past. (I have gotten pretty good at making videogame costumes!)  Fallout players will recognize this Vault Dweller.  We made the Pip-Boy using a lot of craft foam and a PSP.  5122033172_dd13f853f2_n.jpgPA271575 by kayray, on Flickr5121440709_341b4ba904_n.jpgPA271579 by kayray, on Flickr5121433151_3660cfcfed_n.jpgPA271576 by kayray, on FlickrYears ago: Zack from Final Fantasy3010117519_17cdc04899_n.jpg408063044_halloween-2008-004 by kayray, on FlickrEven more years ago: Leaf Chunin Ninja from Naruto:1753077536_4a9edbca39_n.jpgDSC03656 by kayray, on Flickr1752228839_6b21404df5_n.jpgDSC03654 by kayray, on Flickr1752225651_0b85710080_n.jpgDSC03648 by kayray, on FlickrAnd here's Zero from Megaman:69527703_787350f430_n.jpgHenry's Zero Costume by kayray, on Flickr