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So our Host renewed his undergraduate parroting assessment of the anti-GMT straw man position in the delightful Q&A episode 200. Just to summarize his position in the hopes that he will correct me if I misunderstood any of his points.1. GMT means the character of great men is the sole factor affecting the course of human history.2. GMT means great men have magic like powers and their behavior is predetermined by genetics. 3. This theory is proven wrong if you accept the premise that killing hitler would not have prevented world war 2.4. Believing in GMT means believing that if Hitler had been born in Trinidad, then there would have been a Nazi Empire in Trinidad. 5. Great leaders are like surfers who ride a wave and chart their course on the wave, but do not control the wave or create the ocean.The metaphor in 5. appears to concede that individuals can and do have meaningful impacts on the course of history. I think that Carlyle would also have agreed with 5. To the extent that Jamie now admits that killing Hitler would have altered the course of history even if he believes that it would not necessarily have prevented some sort of global scale mid 20th century war similar to world war 1, then I am in complete agreement. Now he just needs to admit that the venerable Bede was one bad-ass surfer man.