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That was quite a lot from Sqrjn, very interesting perspective.  What we like about the BHP, I think, is that our host makes it real, while always telling us what is “fact” and what is supposition. He also tells us the reason for one or the other, while also trying to tell us why decisions were made.  While there is GMT mixed in simply because there must be, Jamie creates a unique narrative that those of us who are not GM find instructive and entertaining.  So much so that we WANT to learn.  That is what teachers are supposed to do.  All to often this is lost to them, so that in the end, disinterested students check boxes on tests and immediately move on.As for the Hitler reference, I think Jamie was just making a point, not a literal assertion.  Hitler did not create the circumstances that allowed National Socialism to flourish, any more than he created anti-semitism in early 20th century Europe.  Had it not been Hitler's Nazi party it would have been any number of other opportunists, with results that could even have been worse.  It was the people's circumstance that created Hitler, not the other way around.  I think that was what Jamie meant.  Though I could be wrong.I also think the BHP fan simply likes that Jamie makes our ancestors real people we can relate to, cringe for or laugh with.  Thanks Jamie, you're worth a latte a month.