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G'day Willy,I heard a great joke during the cricket today!A frog enters a bank for a loan & goes up to the teller whose name plate shows her to be "Patricia Wack".The Frog says, "My name is Kermit Jagger" and I need a $300K loan for a house, it should be OK, the Bank Manager knows me".Well Patricia is not so sure, so says "What collateral do you have?".Kermit replies "All I have is this little Pink China Elephant".Patricia thinks this won't do, but as Kermit says he knows the Manager, she goes to see him and asks what has the pink china  elephant got to do with getting a loan approval?The bank Manager replies:"Its a knick-knack,Patty Wack,Give the frog a loan,His old man's a Rolling Stone!"Cheers!