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Jamie, if you do, pleeeaaaase don't gloss over the early contact period in New England! It explains the genesis of all the New England states and racial politics between natives and colonials. Even in the humble CT river valley, there are so many players. For the Native Americans we have the Pequots, the Mohegans, the Narragansett, and even the Mohawk make an appearance representing the Iroquois. They all considered themselves (rightly) masters of the region, and their decisions seemed to be influenced primarily on edging each other out without considering the threat of the colonials so much. Britons much?For the Colonials, we have the competing interests of Roger Williams and Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts Puritan Fathers seeking to form a hegemony over the area, trade adventurers seeking to settle along the river, puritan exodus groups seeking freedom to persecute-I mean-freedom of religion, the Dutch! In this early period, they were terrified of the Native Americans, and they would ultimately play the victim-card to justify their wholesale slaughter of the Pequots for generations until the war was largely forgotten. It's morbidly fascinating to see that these men, who believed they were chosen by God to have exclusive admission to Heaven, would still exhibit signs of guilt and regret at their conduct in those frenzied years.