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I feel like I am going around waking up all the old threads here, but well.. hope that is ok!I almost got interested in trying to get over my gin hatred after listening to this episode, we will see. (Bad episode(s) in my early twenties.)My other thought was about how astoundingly bitter quinine is, so yes, I wouldn't use that bark in high amounts. Anecdote, feel free to skip: I used to eat quinine daily for years on end due to my arthritis, and I used to take my various pills and put them on my breakfast plate with my slice of toast. One day the quinine pill got stuck on the underside of my toast without me noticing and so I chewed it, completely pulverised it with my molars. I spent the rest of the day trying to come up with ways to get the taste out of my mouth, it was eyewateringly bitter.And that is how I came to detest the taste not only gin, but also tonic....but I like lime. And we used cheap gin back when I was a kid. And it's been some years since the pill episode. Hmmm.. It might be a case of two bads make a good?