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I have been trying to research my genealogy through my father's line, being German. Unfortunately, due to WW1 & 2, alot of archives from many towns and villages in the area my father was born, Gutach im Breisgau in the Black Forest, were destroyed. Managed to trace some of it back to 1300's and my patriarchal line were farmers, with intermarriages with minor... and i mean VERY minor... nobility and back to farming again. However, i did find out on a recent trip ( giving a swab sample from my mouth ), that we are related to a bog body found nearby in Freibug im Breisgau. She was Alemannen, garotted with her hands bound and stabbed, then flung into a bog. The Alemannii were German Celts that lived in that area, neighboring close ties with the Gauls. So, in various stages, my family have always lived in the Black Forest, which explains why there are so many people we are related to, locally. So pretty much, the entire village and half of Freiburg is most likely related to her aswell. I guess someone has to be the peasants :P