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I am an archivist and I frequently assist genealogists as part of my job. I thought I would kick in a few tips:

  • really is the most user-friendly way to do your genealogy but I always caution people only to save information that is based on an actual source, not just random information gleaned from others' family trees. It's very easy to be led astray in doing so.
  • duplicates a lot of the information found on (it also is maintained by the LDS church) but is free. You can get a good start and a lot of free information from
  • Don't be afraid to contact archives directly to get your source information. Usually, archivists are excited to assist geanies and can provide copies of the primary source records pertinent to your research via email. Research policies vary from archives to archives, though, so sometimes you may be asked to pay a research fee while other times you may not.