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Hi AcmesThey were on the US census as they emigrated in the 1860sThere were 4 of them and thankfully they were farmers and I can trace the mum, dad and son until death but the daughter I'm stuck with. No mention of her (with her maiden name) in the census after the 1880s so I think she got married. The only problem is I am 98% sure that I know who she got married to but can't find the record to fully prove it. Her brother died as a bachelor and there is an advert in the local paper I've found online for the sale of his property but no mention of any family.In the late 1960s or early 1970s a granddaughter of the family came back to Wales to see where her family came from and if the son died a bachelor without children then it must be his sister's granddaughter. I've spoken to the local historical society who have said that they could do a search and they only charge $10 but as they are a small society they can only accept cheques or cash as they don't have the capacity to take card payments. As I live in Britain then my British cheques won't be accepted and I'm not sure about sending cash in the international mailI'm having the same problem with tracing my grandfather's cousin who emigrated to Canada in the 1960s but I suppose thats a different problem