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I sort of hit the jackpot tonight by downloading my first podcast and finding Jamie's family tree link for Aethelfrith of Deria.  It corresponds to part of the family history we've put together so far.  FWIW, this is one of the lines we have the least amount of information about, but since this side of the family was mucking it up in Scottish/Anglo-Saxon history, we've got quite a bit of of good info going back to various Malcolms, Kenneths, Donalds, Alfred and Aethelred.  It's interesting to see how they fought, intermarried, and fought.  It helps that a distant cousin is a morman and started a lot of the research back in the '60s and if any written records were kept, it was about these guys.  Still, I can't shake the nagging feeling that my DNA has burned itself out and I won't have an entry in the history books.By the way Purplehippy, I don't know if Nebraska was officially a state at the time of your relatives' emigration, but if it was, the US Census may have information.  The census releases their data after about 50 years and I believe it might be online.