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Like many in the US I am just pleased to be able to trace family back to the member who first immigrated from England but no farther (at least not yet).  I am most interested in the conditions at the time that made people decide to make that dangerous voyage.I am lucky to have been given the collected genealogy records from several lines of my family.  The Lippincotts first arrived in 1652 and eventually settled in NJ with other Quakers. The Prentice and Bullock families came in the early 1700s and were from also from Darbyshire. One branch were German immigrants in 1700 and my father's ancestors were from somewhere north of London (Whites, not an easy name to trace!)As I am in the Chesapeake Bay area of the US where many early settlers arrived in the 18th century I shouldn't have been so surprised to discover that some of them settled not far from where I live and I am now on the hunt for the home sites and grave markers that might tell more of their stories.