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I've been doing my family tree for about 10yrs now, I'm lucky that my dad's family are 'gentleman farmers' kind of gentry so I can trace them back to the 1700s and as theyve stayed in the same area and owned (and still owned by other branches of the family) the same land for as long as anyone can remember theyve been easy to trace through wills and land records.There was a rumour that my dad's family was descended to Owain Glyndwr (Glendower if you're English) and I found out the land that my family owned (and still owns) used to be part of his lands but as there are bad records, the mystery of his death, the death of most of his children and the fact that we only really know of his children who married into English aristocracy there is no way of knowing for certain. Although I have been rummaging around a un investigated branch and things are looking hopeful. At least I now know where I get my rebellious attitude from  ;D ;D