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Our bog body bond:I went to Germany in 2004 for holiday and to see my grandma who always dying. Of something. Anyway, i visited the Uhr museum in Freiburg, the nearest town to my dad's village and there was a volunteer thing going to see how many people currently living in the area could be traced to the people living there up to 4000 years ago. For a laugh, i had my mouth swabbed thinking that, as my family history is so vague , nothing would come of it. Anyway, 6months later, got a letter in German, to which my dad translated as, we share a strand of common DNA with  the remains of a lady who was found in peat locally. She was murdered somewhere before Roman  times. Practically a quarter of those that did the test, share the same strand. Either a family marker, or a marker of the area we slithered out of primordial soup? Makes a great family story... as we all try and hide our webbed feet, scars from having our second head removed and rejoice in the fact that most of us have cheekbones .