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HUGE FAN here.  I read the books in the series earlier last year, having owned the first one for years without actually reading it.  (I do that sometimes when I'm intimidated.)Anyway, I love the series too.  It's should be a standard bearer of how to adapt a book as dense as that to a TV.  I've been loving the Tywin/Arya stuff, and it's not even in the book!  It's been neat to see them set up things that you know will happen later with a bit more foreshadowing while trimming some of the admitted "fat" on Martin's text (goodbye, Arya wandering around for several chapters).  In many ways, I feel the creators are the editors he so desperately needs.  A lot of times, what works on the page just can't work on the screen, which is why I hold up Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings adaptations in such high regard.  I'm an absolute Tolkien fiend, I've read the Silmarillion, Book of Lost Tales, etc, over and over, but the books just have a lot of problems that would really not work on the big screen.  Same with Game of Thrones.Chris, everyone loves Tyrion!  He's so wonderful and Dinklage really brings him to life perfectly.  And yes, a Wiki of Ice and Fire is great.P.S. Jamie, I'm catching up on the podcasts.  I wasn't getting it on iTunes for some reason and was wondering what was going on, haha.  So expect more comment on that soon. ;)