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I am a fan of the tv series, my girlfriend is a BIG fan of the books and read them quickly immediately after watching the first series. I have only seen series one, have recently bought the boxset on bluray and will watch it all again before watching season two. It has been broadcast on Sky but we don't have Sky anymore as it was getting far too pricey so we just have Freesat now and unfortunately Game of Thrones is not broadcast on the free channels  :(  So, I will wait for the bluray to come out instead. Currently, my favourite two characters are Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow, both played by excellent actors and as for the ensemble cast, you can't don't get much better than that in a tv series. I am going to have to watch the first series again soon if this thread takes off as I am a little rusty on what happened....I should at appear to know what I am talking about  :-If anyone is interested there is an excellent wiki called A Wiki of Ice and Fire, which has everything you need to know about all the books, the characters, the history, the culture, the geography etc. It's worth checking out if you haven't already visited the site.