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First off I really enjoy the HBO series! I started reading it after I watched the first season and have since caught up to the latest novel.  And I love the new series!GRRM has also said that he will finish the books before the show catches up to them.  Which means we should have the next two novels within a few years depending on how many seasons they devote to each book.  I've heard they'll do two for A Storm of Swords... And they'll probably have to do two for the next two as well!  They'll probably conflate A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons for four seasons total...  So we have about 6ish maybe 8 until he finishes the whole series!On a side note I really really enjoyed the Silmarillion I've read it two or three times and I find more and more to love every time I read or listen to it! Lately I've been listening to the Tolkien Professor's podcast on it and enjoying that immensely!