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I just thought of some other historical films that depict Britain, the British, or British society: (NOT NECESSARILY GOOD FILMS!!!)   The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006)... Excellent film!! Seriously, an absolute favourite!!  Amazing Grace (2006)  Atonement (2007)  Becoming Jane (2007)... I'm a James McAvoy fan, so I got over the flaws and major inaccuracies!   Lady Jane (1986)  Braveheart (1995)  Mrs. Brown (1997)  Shakespeare in Love (1998)  Tinker Tailor Toy Soldier (2011)  Titanic (1997)  Sherlocke Holmes (I cannot believe I'm including these but particularly the 2009 film shows Victorian London).  Almost anything starring Keira Knightly... she seems to have done a lot of historical British films.I suppose I could include the British overseas too:   The Painted Veil (2006)   The Patriot (2000) And then there are adaptations of British literature:   Any of the 10 000 adaptations of Jane Austen novels,  Any of the 10 000 adaptations of Shakespeare,  Any of the 10 000 adaptations of Dickens,  Jane Eyre (2011)   Dorian (2009)  Vanity Fair (2004)I'm open to all genres of mainstream film at this point:  drama and historical drama,  horror- just saw Daniel Radcliffe's The Woman in Black (2012)... creepy,   comedy- which I might add holds the distinction of producing the ONLY good (still not historically accurate) Robin Hood- Robin Hood Men in Tights (1993),   action/adventure,   war films- which I will confess I've seen a  lot of films on WWI and WWII from American, German, Japanese, Dutch, and French perspectives (Even the AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL Canadian film Passchendaele (2008)) but I can't think of any British-perspective war films off hand... I'm not counting War Horse (2011) because I'm trying to erase that film (which is more a drama anyways) from my memory. Truth be told, I'm not keen on science fiction; although, I didn't mind Lord Of the Rings (more fantasy I guess). I suppose the LOTR series would count as British literature- Tolkien was British, yes?Hope this helps get the juices flowing... I could definitely use some more films involving the British overseas and British war films but I'm open to all suggestions!