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No, Centurion was significantly better than The Eagle.  It isn't the inaccuracies, though they certainly don't help, but rather that it just fails as a film entirely.  I was bored out of my mind watching it.  You really shouldn't be bored while watching an adventure movie.  ;)

Very true! There are very few things I have turned off because they were so dire I couldn't bring myself to waste any more time watching it. The Eagle will be a test to see how long I last.I actually liked Centurion simply because it worked for me in a way where I wasn't expecting too much and that is what I got; I think it is better to be a doubter with movies and if it turns out to be better than you thought then that is a bonus, if it doesn't then you haven't lost anything. Strange how my girlfriend thinks I am a sceptic  ???  but I am usually not too disappointed generally speaking when it comes to movies, unless it is a steaming pile of manure of course!! Then I think like you and The Eagle....what a waste of 2 hours. The other reason why I like Centurion is because I liked Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers and The Descent, which wasn't too bad either.