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I'm sorry people, I liked the newest Robin Hood.  I thought it was a decent film.  Cate Blanchet is always fun to watch.  I liked the actress who played Eleanor of Aquitaine.  I like the fact that the film had Eleanor of Aquitaine.  I liked how they tried to weave in Magna Carta, even if it was cheesy (Yes I know it didnt really happen that way, its a movie).  I dont love the movie, just thought it was good.  Certainly not as horrible as so many of the others.  But Robin Hood Men in Tights is a close second! :)

I with you on this one Tim. I don't really like any other renditions of the Robin Hood saga that has been spewed out over the years except the latest version by Ridley Scott. This, I think, has been the best of the bunch even though some of the accents were dodgy (Not Cate's though because she is just a pleasure to watch in any movie). Many people are just way too bothered that a film is not historically accurate and they are quick to slate a movie because of this one thing alone. Who cares? It's just a movie. I bet half the people who say they don't like historically inaccurate movies secretly like something about them but they are too scared to admit it. I'll just say I don't like the Errol Flynn version because let's face it that too isn't exactly historically accurate but that's not the reason why I don't like it, it's just too garish and swashbuckling for my tastes. The best thing about that movie is Basil Rathbone playing Guy of Gisbourne and that's about it. And as for Men in Tights.......well, that was mostly awful but fun at the same time  ;D