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Oh my god, that's an awesome idea. You really should put that thread together.Try

  • Zulu (with Michael Caine)In which we serveA bridge too far (best WW2 film until Saving Private Ryan or Enemy at the Gates)Sink the Bismark (Black and White showing the true heroism of the Royal Navy, but also the courage of the eventually doomed Germans). My Grandfather was almost on the HMS Hoods fatal last cruise.Bridge on the River Kiwi. A reminder that the British also went through absolute hell in the Pacific.A Matter of Life and Death (David Niven and Richard Attenborough)The Charge of the Light Brigade (1968 Trevor Howard and John Gielgood)Kind Hearts and Coronets [1949] (A young Alec Guinness stars in a number of roles killing off heirs to the covered title)

These are mostly Pinewood classics, made soon after the war or within 20 years so the actors often had experience and they were unashamedly British.