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Please count me in. I'm still catching up with the Podcasts (Looking forward to getting rid of the Romans) and still trying to figure out how this forum works… but I do have a few film suggestions.I concur that 'The Queen' is a good one and I also watched it during the Queen's diamond jubilee.Staying topical I watched 'Chariots of Fire' before the London Olympics.But I would like to go further back in time... I liked 'Centurion' (about the lost 9th legion).Then, I know, Kira Knightly is not exactly a believable Pictish Warrior but who can argue against catapults and burning tar? I'm talking about 'King Arthur' with Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd.Speaking of Ioan Gruffudd, I loved the BBC series 'Horatio Hornblower' (British Navy 1700s)Also enjoyed the multi disc BBC documentary 'The History of Scotland' with Neil Oliver.I got these at my local library.I'd like any suggestions that go further back in time... or... I may have to watch 'Boudicca' or 'The Eagle' in spite of the warnings! :D