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I've got a few actually!Becket: The Lion in Winter: Man for All Seasons: King's Speech: Great Escape:'m sure I'll think of some more.  Not sure how many, if any, of those are available on streaming.  Becket & The Lion in Winter used to be on Netflix, but might have dropped off.  Those two would make a good double feature, as they both star Peter O'Toole playing Henry II.

These are a great selection Jonny, I would go for Beckett and the King's Speech as I don't remember much, if anything about Beckett and I would like to see The King's Speech again.I haven't seen The Great Escape for a couple of years now and absolutely love this film, well everybody loves this film simply because it is a genuine classic; this will be my third choice.

Thanks, but my name isn't Jonny.  :o