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Right so I'm back again. I just spent the last week moving across the country and then my hard drive broke so I had to rebuild my computer… phew…So I agree that the films can be hard to track down and like Chris said, it can take a long time to actually get around to watching them. What if we eliminate the time model all together for discussion. Just set up a thread to discuss the movie and people can participate when they manage to watch it, but every month I will post three options (taken from a suggestion thread), and have a poll set up for a week. I think a week long poll is the best way to do this because then people can get started and the voting isn't indefinite. Discussion can last indefinitely though. Also in terms of tracking films down... I am quite adept at finding movies online (unfortunately this doesn't really help you Vesta) so if anyone is having trouble finding a copy of the movie (illegally) on the internet I might be able to help them if they send me a message. I really am a friendly/helpful warlord.I'll post a poll for December options later today (probably this evening) or tomorrow morning.Bretwalda Warnell