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Hi Diane. Like yourself I have been away for some time (although nothing so hard core as graduate studies in Canadian history) working on my own projects and doing other things of interest that I never seemed to find time to do while spending so much of it on the computer!!I hail your new idea and support it but I won't be overthrowing your Bretwalda war-lordship  ;)Some of the problems before was a result of people not having enough time to watch a film by certain period (even with, surprisingly, two weeks or more to watch it) because of busy work/private schedules. Also, film choice could have been an issue, deciding what to watch that is appealing to everyone participating. Too much fluidity in the rules was probably the main problem and so your new approach could be the key to success this time.Just need to get a few more people interest again. Maybe those who are interested could maybe say so below so we know how many people will participate.So, I'm in (if I can get a copy of the film you have chosen). Who else?