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I will take on the roll of captain if everyone is happy with that. I'm not sure how good at it I will be though as I don't check in every day to see what's happening on the forum. I am happy to try and get things moving in the right direction and I will try and do what I can for keeping things on track with timing.Can I ask that everyone take a quick look at the guidelines (on page 2 on this thread) and see if you are happy with them. Please do make any suggestions for amending them. When these are finalized maybe Jamie will post them at the top of the film club board for easy navigation for any new members who might be interested.Please do let me know if you are happy with the timing:

  • To keep things simple, the first two weeks of the month could be to announce the next opening for movie suggestions and allow these suggestions to be posted and decided upon. Week three to watch the movie and week four to discuss on the forum.

If we are all unanimous about the guidelines or, if changes have been made to them that we are happy about, the film club can get going.For now though it looks as though Sixty Six has been agreed upon (mls has already seen the film and I will be watching it this weekend) so if you do get the chance to obtain a copy soon we will be able to watch it and discuss it in the next few days....hopefully  :)