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As there have been no guidelines for how this is going to work yet, might I make a few suggestions to the club's creator, Diane.

  • I think that any suggestion for the movie club should be posted by a certain date and chosen simply by majority vote as listed in the posts. For example if one movie is mentioned more times than any other, that is the movie chosen to watch.
  • To keep things simple, the first two weeks of the month could be to announce the next opening for movie suggestions and allow these suggestions to be posted and decided upon. Week three to watch the movie and week four to discuss on the forum.
  • The chosen movie should be announced (and probably made sticky so it stands out more) a few days before viewing to allow time for people to obtain a copy.
  • Is a week long enough for people to watch the movie before discussing on the forum?
  • One movie every four weeks seems reasonable considering the amount of time it might take for suggestions to be posted and decided upon.
  • Documentaries should be included if possible but this depends on how easy it is to obtain a copy in different countries.
  • ONE FOR JAMIE - maybe have sub-boards under 'Entertainment' so that, if for instance this takes off, there will be the sub-board 'Film Club' where we could start a new topic for each movie we watch to make navigation easier. The same could be said for the book club if that takes off and it looks like games/gaming is popular among a few members too.
  • Keep previous movie club topics open for new member who might want to contribute.
  • Maybe, for a bit of fun, at the end of a 6 or 12 month period include a poll and see which was the club's favourite movie, which could include separate discussions about why.

Hope these suggestions help  :)