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Well there are some truly awful films that cover the period we've already talked about. For example, Boudicca Warrior Queen starring Alex Kingston. Which might be good for a laugh but nothing more.  The Romans have foil for armor. It's a hell of an experience. As for serious films, I'm planning on seeing The Iron Lady soon though I'm honestly not familiar enough with her personal biography to be able to judge it at this point. HBO has done a bunch of biopics that might be fun. The Gathering Storm and Into The Storm are about Churchill. The Special Relationship. There are a bunch. But really this is something you all should decide. This is your club. I'm just part of it and supporting it. I'll help out of course. For example, I'll announce when you pick movies so that more people can get involved.  But this really should be your club. :)(and I love The Thing, and Melissa and I just finished a Kurt Russellathon.  But I suspect that people will want films about Britain not taught psychological thrillers featuring Wilfred Brimley prior to his oatmeal days).