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I have.09 was pretty cool, I imagine you played the career mode a lot? That's changed quite drmatically since then, player development is much more subtle and less direct. No more dumping experience into attributes, its all form focused and rest on them playing well and getting really good ratings.Transfers make a bit more sense now, there's actually SOME negotiation, and teams gives you clues and hints as to why they aren't accepting your offer or what they will accept.They've also introduced this new mode called 'Be a Pro', which let's you create a player to be 'you' and then put him a team and either control that team or only him. You do loads of different things and the 'single player' camera mode is quite interesting. They also then opened it up to something called Pro Clubs, where you played with and against teams made up of individual players, in either random matchmaking or as part of a Club formed by you and your friends (you don't have to have a full 11, the missing players are filled by an AI, or a human player who chooses 'Any' instead of a position).They also added, Ultimate Team, which is like a trading card game, but then you play games with them. Far too complicated to explain, I prefer career mode.So all in all, its quite a bit better than 09, but you picked the best one to stick with, all the others besides 12 have been pretty bad. In 10, the player development was broken, I played an entire season as Man U, winning everything, with a young rightback playing almost every game. He, along with the rest of the team, didn't raise a single stat point. The development stats were tied too heavily to Ratings which were in turn tied too heavily to arbritary in game actions. If you were a defender your rating was basically the ratio of successful tackles to failed tackle, ie 2 tackles, 1 fail = 6.6. But the problem was that if you played a short game, like 10 min halves, each defender only every had 3 or 4 goes at the ball, so one failed tackle and your rating was ruined.11 just crashed all the time, dunno about everyone else but, sometimes it couldn't even get past the title screen.