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Hi Jamie!  I'm responding too…just heard your pieces requesting feedback AND the gin and tonic.  Loved both!  When you talk about times without much documentation, the myths and stories from the era tell a great deal about the society.  So I think you can and should use them to illustrate what isn't necessarily documented.  Re: gin and tonic -- it was interesting to learn the history of the drink!  I think these are perfect for members-only podcasts and I could tell you were having fun.  Hope Mrs. BritishHistoryPodcast was ok coming home and finding that you'd been drinking all afternoon.And finally, you said that you wanted to create a community.  I have belonged to discussion groups on Amazon where I got to know folks, and I belong to two Facebook groups that really are communities of wonderful people.  And while I don't know what makes the community work, I think it takes time to build, so don't be too impatient.  I personally prefer Facebook, but maybe this will work out too. If you want to have a look at the Facebook groups that I think have truly become communities, join author Sharon Kay Penman's Fan Page and the English Historical Fiction Authors group.  They are both concerned with British History, and the English Historical Fiction Authors group has a wonderful blog that might be great for you to read and maybe even write for!  Sharon's fans can't talk about her books all the time, so we talk about other things.  I even got involved in transporting a rescue german shepherd on a leg of her journey to her forever home!  There are people in the US, UK and other areas of Europe who are members of the group.One of her "friends" even did an itinerary for me for my trip to Wales including a map, and another who owns Garth Celyn and has invited me to visit!As to the historical fiction group, I think you'd enjoy it, and maybe even contribute a gin and tonic article for the blog!  Anyway, if you'd like to have a look, they'd be glad to have you, I'm sure! The Amazon group I belonged to that was very community-like was The Best Historical Fiction You've Read Recently and another like that.  But a very negative person on the thread and drive-by promotions by self-published authors just ruined it.  So again, I think Facebook works better for building a community, but it will be fun to watch you prove me wrong.