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I just finished off the last member's only content and wanted to chime in with my two cents.Re: The MythsLoved the myth 'casts.  Myths play such an important role in every growing society, and it is crushing to see them passed over in the history books for battles and the governing bodies.  Even though this isn't the British Mythology Podcast (although, if you want to make one of those, I'd totally subscribe to that in a heartbeat), I think it would be really nice to throw in a few relevant myths as we progress.  Re: The G&T InterviewThat one was fun!  Recording quality issues aside (which weren't even as bad as you were claiming, at least in my ears -- I've heard much, much worse from so-called "professional" and well-seasoned podcasters), the episode is probably one of my favorites.  Not just from BHP, either.  Tell you what, I almost turned around on the 1-lane road to head back down into town in search of the BevMo! so I could pick up some good tonic water and better gin.  Special edition ones like these are like... okay, remember how every once in a while, your teacher would wheel in the VCR and you'd get to watch something somewhat related to your current studies, but not a documentary?  It's like that.  You don't have to take notes, but it's still relevant and you brag about it to your friends in the other class that still had to sit through lectures.Re: Everything elseBack to what I said in the comments about the myths --  I think history focuses so much on the battles and the wars and who wore the crown, we're losing what life was like for everyone else.  Art, literature, cooking, architecture, just daily life for the backbones of the budding countries, this stuff is all just as important.  "Behind every great man, is a greater woman" kind of deal.  I appreciate your breaks in the military history (which is a huge role in this time period, for sure) to give us information about everything else.  How the landscape of Scotland was formed, for example?  I didn't even learn that kind of stuff from geography.  [Side note:  "How States Got Their Shapes" on the History channel needs to expand into "How Countries Got Their Shapes."  That show is great.  Just needed to say that.]  Mostly, though, I think it's important that you know that every episode - regular content, members only, doesn't matter - is completely appreciated.  Yes, there will be some tedious details to plow through here and there, but then there's stuff like jousting to get to (say, how about a video jousting episode!) and we're back to anxiously awaiting the next episode.