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If there's anything I love as about Britain than its history, its ale.  And if there's anything I love as much about Britain as its history and its ale, its its TV comedies.  Sooo, since everyone else is doing it, here's my dvd collection of awesome in no particular order:1 Father Ted, Black Books and the IT Crowd2) Spaced3) Only Fools4) Monty Python, At last the 1948 Show and Do Not Adjust Your Set5) Fawlty Towers6) Outnumbered7) The Inbetweeners8) Goodnight Sweetheart9) Porridge and Going Straight10) Red Dwarf11) Rising Damp12) Blackadder, Mr Bean and Thin Blue Line13) Yes Minister and Prime Minister14) Open All Hours15) Keeping Up Apperances16) Men Behaving Badly17) Royale Family18) The Office (does Extras count?)19) The Young Ones20) Still GameI want to mention 2 in particular.  Still Game - This is Scottish and not many even in England have heard of it I think, but I would rank it as funny as Fawlty Towers or the Office.  Its right up there.  Watch it with the subtitles on though.Goodnight Sweetheart - my wife introduced me to this recently.  Its got Nicholas Lyndhurst from Only Fools and Horses and its about a Time Traveler who goes back to WWII ere London and meets another woman!  Apropos of the British History theme I'd say.Oh, and I'm a Dr. Whovian.  Both original and new series.  Favorite doctor is probably Tennant or maybe Troughton.  Thank God BBC America has started showing the new series at the same time as they come out in the UK.