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In no particular order and probably forgetting lots:Comedy:Peep Show (best comedy series ever made?)EpisodesJeeves and WoosterHow Not to Live Your LifeSpacedThe CafeGreen WingThe OfficeSpyFresh MeatI just discovered Friday Night Dinner and watched the first two episodes.  Laughed a lot, looking forward to more.Drama:Foyle's WarDownton AbbeyState of PlayLife on MarsHustleThe Tudors (I know, I know, but it was so darn watchable)Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett-style. I enjoyed the Cumberbatch series too, though I thought it was terribly uneven.I watch a ton of non-fiction, so I'll just list some of my favorite presenters:David Attenborough, Alice Roberts, Brian Cox, Jim al Khalili, Howard Goodall, James Burke, James May, Ruth Goodman & team, Tony Robinson,  Neil Oliver, Iain Stewart, Simon Reeve, Simon Schama, Jacob Bronowski, Kenneth Clarke...Also: The Great British Bake-Off!  It's the kindest, most civilized reality show on TV.