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I have looked at the schools around where I do live, and they don't really have any archealogy programs, I did however do an anthropology course at the local community college, which I enjoyed, but it was hard. I know that is a bit different though lol. I really enjoyed the podcasts that Jamie did for the Staffordshire Hoard, not sure how it is spelled :) and I think digging is sort of in my blood, lol you should see our back garden. There is a huge hole my dad has been digging since I was a child and my brother and I too have helped, it is very deep now however so I don't go down in it anymore. We found some old rings in it, but figured they weren't from very far back. My ex came over from Wales a couple years ago and said how he was looking on the ground of his old barn there and then proceeded to show me some coins that we went to the local market and found were East India Trading Company coins, he wanted to sell but I told him to keep them. I am going to school at the moment for a commercial pilot degree but maybe after doing that I will look in the archealogy, I really enjoy searching for things from many years ago, and it was just exciting to find the old rings too, and I love history. If you can please feel free to inform me more about what archealogy consists of, and I agree that Jamie doing a dig and sharing his experience would be exciting to hear about too, and maybe a show about archealogy would help people understand it more as well.