Re: Re: Drew



Thanks Drew, thanks for you kind words  ;D It means a lot when another photographer (pro or amateur) throws a nice comment your way; the constructive comments are always helpful but it's just nice to get a positive comment from someone else who enjoys taking photos.No, I don't do this professionally, I am just an amateur who doesn't seem to get the camera out very often  :-  I know I should make the effort a bit more but I never find the time and then when I do I sometimes make excuses, shocking, isn't it? All the photos you see on Jalbum are just me taking some photos and playing around with photoshop, some have been edited and some are straight out of the camera.I love Ansel Adams' work, breathtaking stuff. The mountain photo does look a bit like his work. That is the Grossglockner (Großglockner) mountian, the tallest in the Alps.....that one was edited in photoshop but it only took 5 minutes to do and something you could do in no time at all. Some people don't like to edit and some do; I like to do a little of both but I've always said that the best photos are those that don't need editing because if you get it right 'in-camera' to begin with it shouldn't need editing. Editing is hyped way too much anyway but it does help those who are starting out, like myself.Sounds like you got a good deal with the camera. I use a Nikon D5000. A pretty good piece of kit.I think you do have a good eye from the photos I've see so far. It looks like you automatically compose the best view when taking certain shots, namely landscape etc.; photos of your friends are like many others of the same ilk, fun, quirky and on the fly. The Hadrian's wall photos are quite bad (to me anyway) from a lighting and mainly composition point of view. I took these a few years before I got my Nikon started taking much better photos. These are the only semi-decent ones I had.  I love the subject in them but I don't really like the actual photos because I know I can do so much better and actually do the subject credit; thanks for liking them though. I'll see what I can do about the Switzerland photos. There are over 2,500 photos to go through, which is an almighty task.....yikes!!  :o