Re: Re: Drew



Chris, holy bajeezus!  Your photos are amazing!  Do you do this for a living/professionally?  I mean, you have to, right?  Some of your photos look like Ansel Adams took them.  (I'm thinking of the Alp pictures here) Wow, I'm seriously impressed.  I am, of course, pretty amateur and have made it one of my goals this year to take a photography class.  My other, more recent photos on Flickr do not show any sense of composition as many of them were taken on the fly and my camera got damaged.  Soon, once I have employment, I'll get another one.  It's a Pentax I got for cheap in Edinburgh (with a free telephoto lens tossed in!) so it's done me well.I'd like to think that I've got a good eye, I just need the ability and smarts to go along.  And trust me, I don't edit because I just don't know how to.  You do it very artistically, as opposed to many, who do it to make up for ability.Anyway, I'll get around to posting a "best-of" picture fest on here tomorrow. PS I love your pictures of Hadrian's Wall, especially.  I remember taking the train through Cumbria and through Northumberland.  Both times, I tried to see some remnant of the wall but it was really hard to see from there.  Next time, I hope. And finally, yes do please post those Switzerland pics.  I'd love to see 'em.