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Just been having a look at some of your photos, pretty darn good  ;) I like the use of composition on some of your Skara Brae photos, there's a nice moody shot of the North Atlantic, the sea of grass (untitled photo) and a couple of St. Magnus Cathedral. They don't look like they have been edited either and apart from a couple of horizon's, which are just little off kilter, spot on mate, great photos.I like HDR but can't be bothered to set myself up for it when I have the opportunity. I know that sounds bad but it's true. HDR produces some amazing photos and while I have only dabbled in that area I really need to do a little more practice to become more confident. I don't really use RAW and you need to if working on HDR. How do you feel you are cheating with HDR?If you like you can check out my jalbum page here, maybe you'll like some of them....fingers crossed  ::) There's a few of my favourites on this site although I haven't been on for a while. I need to upload some of my Switzerland photos from last year that I haven't done yet  :-