Re: Re: Drew



I've always been interested in watching the Sharpe televsion series with Sean Bean.Have you ever read the George RR Martin series, A Song of Ice and Fire?  I'm sure the TV show has crossed your path.  I have to admit, I was impressed as, for the past few years, I've avoided reading because I thought it would be just another volume of bad D&D fanfiction.Instead, it's incredibly complicated and down-to-earth, inspired by the Hundred Years' War and The Wars of the Roses.  I also love Ealing Studios...Kind Hearts and Coronets is wonderful, especially.  I grew up hooked on Hammer Horror.  And plus, though I'm not sure if it was Hammer (maybe Amicus?) the original Wicker Man (not that Nicolas Cage travesty) is one of my favorites from that era.  It's nice to see an acknowledgement of the very powerful part of paganism that motivated so much of British pre-history.What's this about you having your own forum?