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She prefers to do landscapes with her small sketchpad so whenever we go for walks along the South Downs (right on our doorstep in Eastbourne) and she remembers to take take her art stuff, she'll take a few moments to draw something. More patientce than me and I used to do art at College.Christchurch was pretty cool. We were there for a couple of days only and it just so happened to coincide with St. Patricks Day. The pubs were heaving and trying to get a Guinness was nigh on impossible  :(Great quote by the way  ;DI got the impression that you and Scotland are pretty close; having lived in Ediburgh for a year and getting to travel round and see historic sites is pretty amazing and a great life experience, much the same, I guess, when you lived in NZ. Something to tell your grandchildren when you are an old man, maybe  :oMusic. I started to play the guitar about 4 years ago. I haven't progressed to Pete Townshend or Slash status, I am mostly a simple strummer. I can play a host of songs but only more relaxed accoustic stuff, although I do like playing some Foo Fighters stuff, one of favourites bands.Favourite films are quite difficult to choose as there are so many but some of the ones I like are: Two Way Stretch, Too Many Crooks, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Lavender Hill Mob, The Ladykillers (all those are classic British movies, most if not all, from Ealing Studios), I also like the LOTR trilogy and can't wait for The Hobbit to come out, The Italian Job (original), The Bourne trilogy, Sleuth (original), Hot Fuzz, Fight Club, Blues Brothers, The more.I am currently reading Bernard Cornwell's books and am on Sharpe's Rifles. I recently read his Arthur trilogy, which was different I must say but an entertaining read nonetheless. It is after all fiction based on some historical fact.