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So what kind of art does your gf do?  And hey, I work at a job doing accounting for right now.  Trust me, there's no judgment here. :)And yeah, NZ is definitely different from the UK.  I just meant how it's interesting that they tried to make it look like the UK.  There was an amazing paper I read about the attempt by British colonists to change the landscape and how it ended up destroying native species (i.e. introducing rabbits, because that's what you have at home...BOOM, the rabbits wreak havoc on the Aussie native landscape).I lived in Christchurch.  Wonderful way to check out the rest of the South Island.  People often said it was "more English than England", while Dunedin is the southern Edinburgh.  Dun Eidenn (sp?) it's Gaelic name.  I love the statue of Burns in the center of the city.  Mark Twain had a great comment about that area:  "When I was passing through the North Island, I noticed that on the gates in the fences on each side of the railroad right-of-way there were signs that read, `Please close the gate', in the characteristic polite way of the English. But when I passed into Otago Province I noticed that the wording of the signs was different. They read, `Any person who fails to close this gate after passing through it will be subject to a fine of five pounds'. Then I knew that I arrived where the Scots had settled."  Did I mention that I absolutely love Scotland? ;)And yes, I'm a big film nut.  Favorite films:  "Vertigo", "The Third Man", "The Lord of the Rings", "Halloween", "Picnic at Hanging Rock", "Master and Commander".  The list goes on, trust me.  Big fan of directors, like Peter Weir, Peter Jackson, Hitchcock, Bergman, Terence Malick, David Lynch.And finally, I only sing and that was a while back.  I was in my university's choir (which doubled as an Anglican church choir).  We got to tour around southern England back in 2000, and were able to sing evensong in Winchester, Hereford, Ely Cathedrals (among others) as well as at a college in Oxford and (most thrillingly) Bath Abbey.  And I will NEVER forget visiting Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley.  One of the most evocative places I've ever been.